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Convert 78 RPM Record Albums to CDs and MP3s

Do you have any 78 RPM record albums to convert to CD?

People under 30 probably have never seen one. If they have seen one, they probably never heard one played…

The early days of records consisted of 78 RPM albums. Those big thick records that simply DID NOT bend. They played on record players with a needle the size of a small nail.

Maybe you have several of these that were either yours or maybe you found a box full when going through your parents’ stuff. Hmmm, here’s one that had your dad recorded on it. You didn’t even know about it!

So what do you do now? You don’t even own a record player. All of your music has been on CD or MP3 as long as you can remember. You check with your friends or their parents and the only turntables (record players) you can find play 33 and 45 RPM. Is your case hopeless?

Not hardly!

CSRA Multimedia can take your 78 RPM records and transfer them into a nice CD. The quality will vary depending on the record condition.

We had the privilege of restoring a client’s 78 RPM recording that was made in 1945, shortly after his father was honorably discharged from the U.S. Army. The record contained an interview that his father participated in to describe his experience and heroism in during battle on Okinawa Island during World War II.
convert 78 RPM record albums to CD and mp3

Our client was so happy to find someone who could do this media conversion. He (in his 60s) had not heard this record since he was a little boy.

This 78 RPM record became approximately 4½ minutes on a CD. Oh, the times they are a changin’…

Technology has allowed us to do many wonderful things. CSRA Multimedia has the tools and ability to not only convert the 78 RPM record to CD, but to significantly clean up the pops and clicks as well as the background rumble and hissing that characterized these old records.

Call or e-mail CSRA Multimedia today to discuss enjoying a piece of history: transfer your 78 RPM records to CD.

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